2 Samuel chapter .xiij.

And it chanced that Absalom David's son had a fair sister named Thamar, whom afterward Amnon another son of David loved. And this Amnon was so vexed that he fell sick for the love of his sister Thamar: for it thought him hard to come by his purpose of her, seeing she was yet a virgin. But Amnon had a companion called Ionadab the son of Samah the brother of David: which Ionadab was a very wise man. And he said unto him: how cometh it that thou being the king's son art thus consumed every morning? mayst thou not tell it me? And Amnon answered him: I love Thamar my brother Absalom's sister. Then said Ionadab unto him: lie on thy bed and feign thyself sick. And when thy father is come to see thee, say unto him, let my sister Thamar come and give me meat and dress it in my sight, that I may see it and eat it of her hand. And Amnon lay down and made himself sick. And when the king was come to see him Amnon said unto him: let Thamar my sister come and make me a couple of fritters in my sight, that I may eat of her hand. And David sent home to Thamar saying: go to thy brother Amnon's house and dress him meat. When Thamar came to her brother Amnon's house he lay. And she took flour and made paste and made fritters in his sight and did bake them, and took a platter and poured them out before him. And Amnon would not eat, but commanded to have out all men from him. And they went all out from him. Then said Amnon unto Thamar: bring the meat into the chamber that I may eat it of thine hand. And Thamar took the fritters which she had made, and brought them into the chamber to Amnon her brother and set them before him to eat. And he took her and said unto her, come lie with me my sister. And she answered him: nay, my brother do not force me, for it ought not to be so in Israel, do not this folly. For whither shall I go with my shame? And thou shalt be as one of the fools in Israel. But speak unto the king, and he shall not deny me unto thee. How be it he would not hearken unto her voice but was too strong for her and forced her and lay with her. And then Amnon hated her exceedingly: so that the hate wherewith he hated her was greater than the love with which he before loved her. And he said unto her: up and away. Then she said unto him, this great cruelness that thou puttest me away passeth the other that thou didst unto me. Nevertheless he would not hear her, but called his lad that waited upon him and said: put her out at the doors from me and bolt the door after her. And she had a kirtle of divers colours upon her: for with such were the king's daughters that were virgins apparelled, made strait unto them. Then his servant brought her out at the doors and locked the doors after her. And Thamar put ashes on her head and rent her gay kirtle that was on her and put her hand on her head and so went, and as she went cried. Then Absalom her brother said unto her: hath Amnon thy brother been with thee? Now then be still my sister: for he is thy brother. And let not this thing grieve thine heart. And so Thamar remained discomforted in her brother Absalom's house.
And king David heard of all these things and was very wroth. And Absalom said unto his brother Amnon neither good nor bad. How be it Absalom hated Amnon because he had forced his sister Thamar. And it happened two years after that Absalom had a sheep shearing in Baal Hazor besides the tribe of Ephraim, and bade all the king's sons and he came to the king and said: behold thy servant hath a sheep shearing, let the king and his servants come with thy servant. And the king said unto Absalom: Oh nay my son let us not go every one of us that we be not chargeable unto thee. And Absalom lay sore upon him: how be it he would not go, but blessed him. Then said Absalom: then let my brother Amnon go with us. And the king answered: what needeth it that he go with thee? But Absalom made such instance that he let Amnon go with him, and all the king's children. Then Absalom commanded his young men saying: mark when Amnon's heart is merry with wine, and when I bid you smite Amnon then kill him: fear not, for it is I that bid you, be bold therefore and play the lusty bloods. And the young men of Absalom served Amnon even as Absalom commanded them. And all the king's sons arose and took each man his Mule and fled.
And while they were yet in the way, tidings came to David that Absalom had slain all the king's sons, so that none was left alive. Then the king arose and tare his garments and lay along on the earth: and all his servants stood by with their clothes rent. Then Ionadab the son of Samah David's brother answered and said: let not my lord suppose that they have slain all the young men the king's sons, save Amnon onely is dead. For that hath been ever in Absalom's mouth since he forced his sister Thamar. Now therefore let not my lord the king take the thing so grievously to think that all the king's sons were dead, when Amnon onely is dead. But Absalom fled. And the young man that kept the watch lifted up his eyes and looked about. And behold, there came much people by a way that was behind his back along by an hill's side. Then said Ionadab unto the king: behold, the king's sons are come, and as thy servant said, so it is. And as soon as he had left speaking: behold, the king's sons came and lifted up their voices and wept. And thereto the king and all his servants wept exceedingly. But Absalom escaped and went to Tholmai the son of Amihud king of Gesur. And the king mourned for his son continually. And so Absalom escaped and went to Gesur, and was there three years. And by that time the king turned his mind from pursuing Absalom. For he had left mourning for the death of Amnon.


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