Amos chapter 7

The Lord GOD shewed me such a vision: behold, there stood one that made grasshoppers, even when the corn was shooting forth, after the king had clipt his sheep. Now when they undertook to eat up all the green things in the land, I said: O Lord GOD, be merciful, I beseech thee: who should else help up Iacob that is brought so low? So the LORD was gracious therein, and the LORD said: Well, it shall not be. Again, the LORD shewed me this vision: behold, the Lord GOD called the fire to punish withal, and it devoured the great deep: yea it consumed a part already. Then said I: O Lord GOD, hold thine hand: who should else help up Iacob that is brought so low? So the LORD was merciful therein, and the Lord GOD said: well, it shall not be. Moreover, he shewed me this vision: behold, the Lord stood upon a plastered wall, and a mason's trowel in his hand. And the LORD said unto me: Amos, what seest thou? I answered: a mason's trowel. Then said the Lord: behold, I will lay the trowel among my people of Israel, and will no more oversee them: but the high hill chapels of Isaac must be laid waste, and the churches of Israel made desolate: and as for the house of Ieroboam, I will stond up against it with the sword.
Upon this sent Amasiah the priest to Bethel unto Ieroboam the king of Israel saying: Amos maketh the house of Israel to rebel against thee, the land can not away with his words. For Amos sayeth, Ieroboam shall die with the sword, and Israel shall be led away, captive out of their own land. And Amasiah said unto Amos: Get thee hence (thou that canst see so well) and flee into the land of Iuda: get thee there thy living, and prophesy there: and prophesy no more at Bethel, for it is the king's chapel, and the king's court. Amos answered, and said to Amasiah: As for me I am neither prophet, nor prophet's son: but a keeper of cattle. Now as I was breaking down mulberries, and going after the cattle, the LORD took me, and said unto me: Go thy way, and prophesy unto my people of Israel. And therefore, bear thou now the word of the LORD: Thou sayest: prophesy not against Israel, and speak nothing against the house of Isaac. Wherefore thus sayeth the LORD: Thy wife shall be defiled in the city, thy sons and daughters shall be slain with the sword, and thy land shall be measured out with the line. Thou thy self shall die in an unclean land, and Israel shall be driven out of his own country.


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Praise the Everlasting Lord for His Faithful Word.