Exodus chapter .xiij.

And the LORD spake unto Moses saying: Sanctify unto me all the firstborn that open all manner matrices among the children of Israel, as well of men as of beasts: for they are mine. And Moses said unto the people: think on this day in which ye came out of Egypt and out of the house of bondage: for with a mighty hand the LORD brought you out from thence. See therefore that ye eat no leavened bread. This day come ye out of Egypt in the month of Abib. When the LORD hath brought thee in to the land of the Cananites, Hethites, Amorites, Hevites and Iebusites, which he sware unto thy fathers that he would give thee: a land wherein milk and honey floweth, then see that thou keep this service in this same month. Seven days thou shalt eat sweet bread, and the seventh day shall be feastful unto the LORD. Therefore thou shalt eat sweet bread seven days, and see that there be no leavened bread seen nor yet leaven among you in all your quarters. And thou shalt shew thy son at that time saying: this is done, because of that which the LORD did unto me when I came out of Egypt. Therefore it shall be a sign unto thee upon thine hand and a remembrance between thine eyes, that the LORD's law may be in thy mouth. For with a strong hand the LORD brought thee out of Egypt, see thou keep therefore this ordinance in his season from year to year.
Moreover when the LORD hath brought thee into the land of the Cananites, as he hath sworn unto thee and to thy fathers, and hath given it thee, then thou shalt appoint unto the LORD all that openeth the matrice, and all the firstborn among the beasts which thou hast if they be males. And all the firstborn of the asses, thou shalt redeem with a sheep: if thou redeem him not, then break his neck. But all the firstborn among thy children shalt thou buy out. And when thy son asketh thee in time to come saying: what is this? thou shalt say unto him: with a mighty hand and LORD brought us out of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. And when Pharao was loth to let us go, the LORD slew all the firstborn in the land of Egypt: as well the firstborn of men as of beasts. And therefore I sacrifice unto the LORD all the males that open the matrice, but all the firstborn of my children I must redeem. And this shall be as a token in thine hand, and as a thing hanged up between thine eyes: because the LORD brought us out of Egypt with a mighty hand.
When Pharao had let the people go, God carried them not thorow the land of the Philistines, though it were a nye way. For God said: the people might haply repent when they see war, and so turn again to Egypt: therefore God led thee about thorow the wilderness that bordereth on the red sea. The children of Israel went harnessed out of the land of Egypt. And Moses took the bones of Ioseph with him: for he made the children of Israel swear saying: God will surely visit you, take my bones therefore away hence with you. And they took their journey from Sucoth: and pitched their tents in Etham in the edge of the wilderness. And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud to lead them the way: and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light: that they might go both by day and night. And the pillar of the cloud never departed by day nor the pillar of fire by night out of the people's sight.


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