Hosea chapter 11

When Israel was young, I loved him: and called my son out of the land of Egypt. But the more they were called, the more they went back, offering unto Idols, and censing Images. I learned Ephraim to go, and bare them in mine arms, but they regarded not me, that would have helped them. I led them with cords of friendship, and with bands of love. I was even he, that laid the yoke upon their necks. I gave them their fodder myself, that they should not go again into Egypt. And now is Assur their king: for they would not turn unto me. Therefore shall the sword begin in their cities, the store that they have laid up, shall be destroyed and eaten: and that because of their own imaginations. My people hath no lust to turn unto me, their prophets lay the yoke upon them, but they ease them not of their burthen.
What great things have I given thee, O Ephraim? how faithfully have I defended thee, O Israel? have I dealt with thee as with Adam? or have I entreated thee like Seboim? No, my heart is otherwise minded. Yea my mercy is to fervent: therefore have I not turned me to destroy Ephraim in my wrothful displeasure. For I am God, and no man, I am even that holy one in the middest of thee, though I came not within the city. The LORD roareth like a lion, that they may follow him: yea as a lion roareth he, that they may be afraid like the children of the sea: that they may be scattered away from Egypt, as men scare birds: and frayed away (as doves use to be) from the Assirian's land: and that because I would have them tarry at home, sayeth the LORD. But Ephraim goeth about me with lies, and the house of Israel dissembleth. Only Iuda holdeth him with God, and with the true holy things.


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Praise the Everlasting Lord for His Faithful Word.