Micah chapter 1

This is the word of the LORD, that came to Micheas the Morastite, in the days of Iothan, Ahaz, and Iehezekiah, kings of Iudah: which was shewed him upon Samaria and Ierusalem. Hear all ye people, mark this well O earth, and all that therein is: Yea the Lord GOD himself be witness among you, even the Lord from his holy temple. For why? behold, the LORD shall go out of his place, and come down, and tread upon the high things of the earth. The mountains shall consume under him, and the valleys shall cleave asunder: like as wax consumeth at the fire, and as the waters run downward. And all this shall be for the wickedness of Iacob, and the sins of the house of Israel. But what is the wickedness of Iacob? Is not Samaria? Which are the high places of Iudah? Is not Ierusalem? Therefore I shall make Samaria an heap of stones in the field, to lay about the vineyard: her stones shall I cast into the valley, and discover her foundations. All her Images shall be broken down and all her winnings shall be brent in the fire: yea all her Idols will I destroy: for why, they are gathered out of the hire of an whore, and in to an whores hire shall they be turned again.
Wherefore I will mourn and make lamentation, bare and naked will I go: I must mourn like the dragons, and take sorrow as the ostriches: For their wound is past remedy: And why? it is come in to Iudah, and hath touched the port of my people at Ierusalem already. Weep not, lest they at Geth perceive it. Thou at Betaphra, welter thyself in the dust and ashes. Thou that dwellest at Sephir, get thee hence with shame. The proud shall boost no more for very sorrow: and why? her neighbour shall take from her what she hath. The rebellious city hopeth, that it shall not be so evil: but for all that, the plague shall come from the LORD, even in to the port of Ierusalem. The great noise of the chariots shall fear them, that dwell at Lachis, which is an occasion of the sin of the daughter of Sion, for in thee came up the wickedness of Israel. Yea she sent her coursers into the land of Geth. The houses of lies will deceive the kings of Israel. And as for thee (O thou that dwellest at Morassa) I shall bring a possession upon thee, and the plague of Israel shall reach unto Odolla. Make thee bald, and shave thee, because of thy tender children: Make thee clean bald as an Aegle, for they shall be carried away captive from thee.


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Praise the Everlasting Lord for His Faithful Word.