Zephaniah chapter 2

Come together and gather you, O froward people: Or the thing go forth that is concluded, and or the time be passed away as the dust: or the fearful wrath of the LORD come upon you, yea or the day of the LORD's sore displeasure come upon you. Seek the LORD all ye meek hearted upon earth, ye that work after his judgement: seek righteousness, seek lowliness: that ye may be defended in the wrothfull day of the LORD.
For Gaza shall be destroyed, and Ascalon shall be laid waste. They shall cast out Asood at the noon day, and Accaron shall be plucked up by the roots. Woe unto you that dwell upon the sea coast, ye murderous people: the word of the LORD shall come upon you. O Canaan thou land of the Phillistines, I will destroy thee, so that there shall no man dwell in thee any more: and as for the sea coast, it shall be herdmen's cottages and sheep folds: yea it shall be a portion for such as remain of the house of Iuda, to feed there upon. In the houses of Ascalon shall they rest toward the night: for the LORD their God shall visit them, and turn away their captivity.
I have heard the despite of Moab, and the blasphemies of the children of Ammon how they have shamefully entreated my people, and magnified themselves within the borders of their land. Therefore as truly as I live (sayeth the LORD of Hosts the God of Israel) Moab shall be as Sodom, and Ammon as Gomora: even dry thorn hedges, salt pits and perpetual wilderness. The residue of my folk shall spoil them, the remnant of my people shall have them in possession. This shall happen unto them for their pride, because they have dealt so shamefully with the LORD of Hosts' people, and magnified them selves above them. The LORD shall be grim upon them, and destroy all the goods in the land. And all the Isles of the Heathen shall worship him, every man in his place.
Ye Morians also shall perish with my sword: Yea he shall stretch out his hand over the north, and destroy Assur. As for Nivive, he shall make it desolate, dry and waste. The flocks and all the beasts of the people shall lie in the middest of it, pelicans and storks shall abide in the upper posts of it, fowls shall sing in the windows, and ravens shall sit upon the balks, for the borders of Cedar shall be riven down. This is the proud and careless city, that said in her heart: I am, and there is else none. O how is she made so waste, that the beasts lie therein? Who so goeth by, mocketh her, and pointeth at her with his finger.


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Praise the Everlasting Lord for His Faithful Word.