Isaiah chapter 2

Moreover this was the word that was opened unto Esay the son of Amos, upon Iuda and Ierusalem. It will be also in the process of time: That the hill where the house of the LORD is builded, shall be the chief among the hills, and exalted above all little hills. And all the Heathen shall prease unto him. And the multitude of people shall go unto him, speaking thus one unto another: up, let us go to the hill of the LORD, and to the house of the God of Iacob: that he may shew us his way, and that we may walk in his paths. For the law shall come out of Sion, and the word of God from Ierusalem, and shall give sentence among the Heathen, and shall reform the multitude of people: So that they shall break their swords and spears, to make scythes, sicles and saws thereof. From that time forth shall not one people lift up weapon against another, neither shall they learn to fight from thenceforth. It is to thee that I cry (O house of Iacob) up, let us walk in the light of the LORD.
But thou art scattered abroad with thy people (O house of Iacob) for ye go far beyond your fathers, whether it be in Sorcerers (who ye had as the Philistines had) or in calkers of men's births, whereof ye have too many. As soon as your land was full of silver and gold, and no end of your treasure: so soon as your land was full of strong horses and no end of your chariots: Immediately was it full of Idols also, even works of your own hands, which ye yourselves have fashioned, and your fingers have made. There kneeleth the man, there falleth the man down before thee, so that thou canst not bring him away from thence.
And therefore get thee soon in to some rock, and hide thee in the ground from the sight of the fearful judge, and from the glory of his Majesty: Which casteth down the high looks of presumptuous persons, and bringeth low the pride of man, and he only shall be exalted in the day. For the day of the LORD of Hosts shall go over all pride and presumption, upon all them that exalt themselves, and shall bring them all down: upon all high stout Cedar trees of Libanus, and upon all the oaks of Basan, upon all high hills, and upon all stout mountains, upon all costly towers, and upon all strong walls, upon all ships of the sea, and upon everything that is glorious and pleasant to look upon. And it shall bring down the pride of man, and lay man's presumptuousness full low, and the LORD shall only have the victory in that day. But the Idols shall utterly be rooted out. Men shall creep into holes of stone, and into caves of the earth, from the sight of the fearful judge, and from the glory of his majesty: what time as he shall make him up to shake the earth. Then, then shall man cast away his gods of silver and gold, (which he nevertheless had made to honour them) unto Moles and Backes, that he may the better creep into the caves and rocks, and into the cliffs of hard stones, from the sight of the fearful judge and from the glory of his Majesty. Every man can eschew a person moved in anger, for what doth he wisely?


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