Isaiah chapter 48

Hear this, O thou house of Iacob: ye that are called by the name of Israel, and are come out of one stock with Iudah: which swear by the name of the LORD, and bear witness by the God of Israel (but not with truth and right) which are called free men of the holy city, as they that look for comfort in the God of Israel, whose name is the LORD of Hosts. The things that I shewed you ever since the beginning: Have I not brought them to pass, immediately as they came out of my mouth, and declared them? And they are come? Howbeit I knew that thou art obstinate, and that thy neck hath an iron vein, and thy brow is of brass. Nevertheless, I have ever since the beginning shewed thee of things for to come, and declared them unto thee, or ever they came to pass: that thou shouldest not say: mine Idol hath done it, my carved or graven image hath shewed it: Hear and consider all these things whether it was ye that prophesied them: But as for me, I told thee before at the beginning, new and secret things that thou knewest not of: And some done now not of old time, whereof thou never heardest, before they were brought to pass: that thou can not say: I knew of them. Moreover there be some whereof thou hast neither heard nor know, neither have they been open unto thine ears afore time. For I know that thou wouldest maliciously offend, therefore have I called thee a transgressor, even from thy mother's womb.
Nevertheless for my name's sake, I have withdrawn my wrath, and for mine honour's sake I have overseen thee, so that I have not rooted the out. Behold, I have purged thee, and not for money. I have chosen thee in the fire of poverty; And that only for mine own sake, for I give mine honour to none other, that thou shouldest not despise me. Hearken unto me O Iacob, and Israel whom I have called. I am even he that is, I am the first and the last. My hand is the foundation of the earth, and my right hand spanneth over the heavens. As soon as I called them they were there. Gather you all together, and hearken: Which of yonder gods hath declared this, that the LORD will do by the king of Babylon (whom he loveth and favoureth) and by the Chaldees his arm? I myself alone have told you this before. Yea I shall call him and bring him forth, and give him a prosperous journey.
Come nye and hear this: have I spoken anything darkly since the beginning? when a thing begineth, I am there. Wherefore the Lord GOD with his spirit hath sent me; And thus sayeth the LORD God thine avenger, the holy one of Israel: I am the LORD thy God, which teach thee profitable things, and lead thee the way, that thou shouldest go. If thou wilt now regard my commandment, thy wealthiness shall be as the water stream: and thy righteousness as the waves flowing in the sea. Thy seed shall be like as the sand in the sea, and the fruit of thy body, like the gravel stones thereof: Thy name shall not be rooted out, nor destroyed before me. Ye shall go away from Babylon, and escape the Chaldees with a merry voice. This shall be spoken of, declared abroad, and go forth unto the end of the world: so that it shall be said: The LORD hath defended his servant Iacob, that they suffered no thirst, when they travailed in the wilderness. He clave the rocks a sunder, and the water gushed out. As for the ungodly, they have no peace, sayeth the LORD.


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