Jeremiah chapter 47

These are the words, that the LORD spake unto Ieremy the prophet against the Philistines, before that Pharao smote the city of Aza. Thus sayeth the LORD: Behold, there shall waters arise out of the North: And shall grow to a great flood, running over and covering the land, the cities, and them that dwell therein. And the men shall cry, and all they that dwell in the land, shall mourn at the noise and stamping of their strong barbed horses, at the shaking of their chariots and at the rumbling of the wheels. The fathers shall not look to their children, so feeble and weary shall their hands be: at the same time, when he shall be there, to destroy the whole land of the Philistines. He shall make waste both Tirus and Sidon and all other that are sworn unto them. For the LORD will destroy all Philistina, and the other Isles, that be divided from the country. Baldness is come upon Azah, Ascalon with her other valleys shall keep her peace. How long wilt thou slay, O thou sword of the LORD? Turn again unto thy sheath, rest, and leave off. But how can it cease, when the LORD himself hath given him a charge against Ascalon, and raised it up against the cities of the sea coast?


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Praise the Everlasting Lord for His Faithful Word.