Jeremiah chapter 6

Come out of Ierusalem, ye strong children of Ben Iamin: blow up the trumpets ye Tecuites, set up a token unto Bethcarem, for a plague and a great misery peepeth out from the North. I will liken the daughter of Sion to a fair and tender woman, and to her shall come the shepherds with their flocks. Their tents shall they pitch round about her, and every one shall feed them that are under his hand. Make battle against her (shall they say:) Arise, let us go up, while it is yet day. Alas the day goeth away, and the night shadows fall down: Arise, let us go up by night, and destroy her strongholds, for thus hath the LORD of Hosts commanded. Hew down her trees, and set up bulwarks against Ierusalem. This is the city that must be punished, for in her is all maliciousness. Like as a conduit aboundeth in water, even so this city aboundeth in wickedness. Robbery and unrighteousness is heard in her, sorrow and wounds are ever there in my sight. Amend thee (O Ierusalem) lest I withdraw my heart from thee, and make thee desolate: and thy land also, that no man dwell in it.
For thus sayeth the LORD of Hosts: The residue of Israel shall be gathered, as the remanent of grapes. And therefore turn thine hand again into the basket, like the grape gatherer. But unto whom shall I speak, whom shall I warn, that he may take heed? Their ears are so uncircumcised, that they may not hear. Behold, they take the word of GOD but for a scorn, and have no lust thereto. And therefore I am so full of thine indignation (o LORD) that I may suffer no longer. Shed out thy wrath upon the children that are without, and upon all young men. Yea the man must be taken prisoner with the wife, and the aged with the cripple. Their houses with their lands and wives shall be turned unto strangers, when I stretch out mine hand upon the inhabiters of this land, sayeth the LORD. For from the least unto the most, they hang all upon covetousness: and from the prophet unto the priest, they go all about with falsity and lies. And beside that, they heal the hurt of my people with sweet words, saying: peace, peace, when there is no peace at all. Therefore they must be ashamed, for they have committed abomination. But how should they be ashamed, when they know nothing, neither of shame nor good nurture? And therefore they shall fall among the slain, and in the hour when I shall visit them, they shall be brought down, sayeth the LORD. Thus sayeth the LORD: go into the streets, consider and make inquisition for the old way: and if it be the good and right way: then go therein, that ye may find rest for your souls. But they say: we will not walk therein, and I will set watchmen over you, and therefore take heed unto the voice of the trumpet. But they say: we will not take heed.
Hear therefore ye Gentiles, and thou congregation shalt know, what I have devised for them. Hear thou earth also: behold, I will cause a plague come upon this people, even the fruit of their own imaginations. For they have not been obedient unto my words and to my law, but abhorred them. Wherefore bring ye me incense from Saba, and sweet smelling Calamus from far countries? Your burnt offerings displease me, and I rejoice not in your sacrifices. And therefore thus sayeth the LORD: Behold, I will make this people fall, and there shall fall from among them the father with the children, one neighbour shall perish with another. Moreover thus sayeth the LORD: Behold, there shall come a people from the North, and a great people shall arise from the ends of the earth, with bows and with darts shall they be weaponed: It is a rough and fierce people, an unmerciful people: their voice roareth like the sea, they ride upon horses well appointed to the battle against thee, O daughter Sion. Then shall this cry be heard: Our arms are feeble, heaviness and sorrow is come upon us, as upon a woman travailing with child. No man go forth in to the field, no man come upon the high street: for the sword and fear of the enemy shall be on every side. Wherefore, gird a sackcloth about thee (O daughter of my people) sprinkle thyself with ashes, mourn and weep bitterly, as upon the only beloved son: for the destroyer shall suddenly fall upon us. Thee have I set for a prover of my hard people, to seek out and to try their ways. For they are all unfaithful and fallen away, they hang upon filthy lucre, they are clean brass and iron, for they hurt and destroyed every man. The bellows are brent in the fire, the lead is consumed, the melter melteth in vain, for the evil is not taken away from them. Therefore shall they be called naughty silver, because the LORD hath cast them out.


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Praise the Everlasting Lord for His Faithful Word.