Ezekiel chapter 27

The word of the LORD came unto me, saying: O thou son of man, make a lamentable complaint upon Tyre, and say unto Tyre, which is a port of the sea, that occupieth with much people, and many Isles: Thus speaketh the Lord GOD: O Tyre thou hast said: what, I am a noble city: thy borders are in the middest of the sea, and thy builders have made thy marvelous goodly. All thy tables have they made of Cypress trees of the mount Sanir. From Libanus have they taken Cedar trees, to make the masts: and the Oaks of Basan to make the rowers. Thy boards have they made of ivory, and of costly wood out of the Isle of Cethim. Thy sail was of white small needle work out of the land of Egypt, to hang upon thy mast: and thy hangings of yellow silk and purple, out of the Isles of Elisah. They of Sidon and Arnad were thy mariners, and the wisest in Tyre were thy shipmasters. The eldest and wisest at Gebal were they, that mended and stopped thy ships. All ships of the sea with their shipment occupied their merchandise in thee. The Perses, Lidians and Libians were in thine host, and helped thee to fight: these hanged up their shields and helmets with thee, these set forth thy beauty. They of Arnad were with thine host round about thy walls, and were thy watchmen upon thy towers, these hanged up their shields round about thy walls, and made thee marvelous goodly. Tharsis occupied with thee in all manner of wares, in silver, iron, tin and lead, and made thy market great. Iavan, Tubal and Mesech were thy merchants, which brought the men, and ornaments of metal for thy occupying. They of the house of Thogarma brought unto thee at the time of thy mart, horse, horsemen and mules. They of Dedan were thy merchants: and many other Isles that occupied with thee, brought thee wethers, elephant bones and Paycockes for a present. The Syrians occupied with thee, because of thy divers works, and increased thy merchandise, with Smaragdes, with scarlet, with needle work, with white linen cloth, with silk and with Crystal. Iudah and the land of Israel occupied with thee, and brought unto thy markets, wheat, balm, honey, oil and triacle. Damascus also used merchandises with thee, in the best wine and white wool: because thy occupying was so great, and thy wares so many. Dan, Iavan, and Mevsall have brought unto thy markets, iron ready made, with Casia, and Calamus, according to thine occupying. Dedan occupied with thee, in fair tapestry work and quishins. Arabia and all the princes of Cedar have occupied with thee, in sheep, wethers, and goats. The merchants of Sheba and Rema have occupied also with thee, in all costly spices, in all precious stones and gold, which they brought unto thy markets. Haran, Chenne, and Eden, the merchants of Saba, Assiria, and Chelmad, were all doers with thee and occupied with thee: In costly raiment, of yellow silk and needle work (very precious, and therefore packte and bound together with ropes) Yea and in Cedar wood, at the time of thy markets. The ships of Tharsis were the chief of thy occupying. Thus thou art full, and in great worship, even in the middest of the sea.
Thy mariners were ever bringing unto thee out of many waters. But the east wind shall over bear thee into the middest of the sea: so that thy wares, thy merchandise, thy riches, thy mariners, thy shipmasters, thy helpers, thy occupiers (that brought the things necessary) the men of war that are in thee: Yea and all thy commons shall perish in the middest of the sea, in the day of thy fall. The suburbs shall shake at the loud cry of thy shipmen. All whirry men, and all mariners upon the sea, shall leap out of their boats, and set themselves upon the land. They shall lift up their voice because of thee, and make a lamentable cry. They shall cast dust upon their heads, and lie down in the ashes. They shall shave themselves, and put sackcloth upon them for thy sake. They shall mourn for thee with heartfull sorrow, and heavy lamentation, yea their children also shall weep for thee. Alas, what city hath so been destroyed in the sea, as Tyre is? When thy wares and merchandise came from the seas, thou gavest all people enough. The kings of the earth hast thou made rich, thorow the multitude of thy wares and occupying: But now art thou cast down in to the deep of the sea, all thy resort of people is perished with thee. All they that dwell in the Isles are abashed at thee, and all their kings are afraid, yea their faces have changed colour. The merchants of the nations wonder at thee. In that thou art so clean brought to naught, and comest no more up.


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Praise the Everlasting Lord for His Faithful Word.