Ezekiel chapter 43

So he brought me to the door, that turneth toward the east. Behold, then came the glory of the God of Israel from out of the east, whose voice was like a great noise of waters, and the earth was lightened with his glory. His sight to look upon was like the first, that I saw, when I went in, what time as the city should have been destroyed: and like the vision that I saw by the water of Cobar. Then fell I upon my face, but the glory of the LORD came into the house thorow the East door. So a wind took me up, and brought me into the innermer court: and behold, the house was full of the glory of the LORD. I heard one speaking unto me out of the house, and there stood one by me,
that said unto me: O thou son of man, this rowme is my seat, and the place of my foot steps: where as I will dwell among the children of Israel for evermore: so that the house of Israel shall no more defile my holy name: neither they, nor their kings, thorow their whoredom, thorow their high places, and thorow the dead bodies of their kings: which have builded their thresholds in manner hard upon my thresholds, and their posts almost at my posts: so that there is but a bare wall betwixt me and them. Thus have they defiled my holy name with their abominations, that they have committed. Wherefore I have destroyed them in my wrath: But now they shall put away their whoredom, and the dead bodies of their kings out of my sight, that I may dwell among them for evermore. Therefore (O thou son of man) shew thou the household of Israel a temple, that they may be ashamed of their wickedness, and measure themselves an example thereat. And when they be ashamed of all their works, then shew them the form and fashion of the temple: the coming in, the going out, all the manner and description thereof, yea all the uses and ordinances of it, that they may keep and fulfill all the fashions and customs thereof. This is the description of the house: Above upon the mount round about all the corners, it shall be the holiest of all. Behold, that is the description and fashion of the house.
This is the measure of the altar (after the true cubit: which is a span longer then another cubit) his bottom in the middest was a cubit long and wide, and the ledge that went round about it, was a span broad. This is the height of the altar: from the ground to the lower steps the length is two cubits, and the breadth one cubit: and from the lower steps to the higher are four cubits, and the breadth but one cubit. The altar was four cubits high, and from the altar upward stood four horns, and it was twelve cubits long and twelve cubits broad, upon the four corners: the covering of the altar was fourteen cubits long and broad upon the four corners, and the ledge that went round about, had half a cubit: and the bottom thereof round about one cubit: his steps stood toward the East. And he said unto me: Thou son of man, thus sayeth the Lord GOD: These are the ordinances and laws of the altar, in the day when it is made to offer burnt offerings, and to sprinkle blood there upon. To the priests, to the Levites that be of the seed of Sadoch, and tread before me to do me service, sayeth the Lord GOD: Unto these give thou a young bullock, for a sin offering: and take the blood of him and sprinkle his four horns withal and the four corners of the altar covering, with the ledge that goeth round about: here with shalt thou cleanse it, and reconcile it. Thou shalt take the bullock also of the sin offering, and burn him in a several place without the Sanctuary. The next day, take a gootbuck without blemish for a sin offering, to reconcile the altar withal: like as it was reconciled with the bullock. Now when thou hast made it clean, then offer a young bullock without blemish, and a ram out of the flock without blemish also. Offer them before the LORD, and let the priest cast salt thereupon, and give them so unto the LORD for a burnt offering. Seven days shalt thou bring, every day a gootbuck. A young bullock, and a ram of the flock (both without blemish) shall they offer. Seven days shall they reconcile and cleanse the altar, and offer upon it. When these days are expired, then upon the eighth day and so forth, the priests shall offer their burnt offerings and health offerings upon the altar, so will I be merciful unto you, sayeth the Lord GOD.


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Praise the Everlasting Lord for His Faithful Word.