Ezekiel chapter 41

After this he brought me to the temple, and measured the posts: which were of both the sides six cubits thick, according to the wideness of the tabernacle. The breadth of the door was ten cubits and the walls of the door on either side five cubits. He measured the length thereof, which contained forty cubits, and the breadth twenty. Then went he in, and measured the door posts, which were two cubits thick: but the door it self was six cubits, and the breadth of the door was seven cubits. He measured the length and breadth thereof, which were every one twenty cubits, before the temple: And he said unto me: this is the holiest of all. He measured also the wall of the house, which was six cubits. The chambers that stood round about the house, were every one four cubits wide, and one stood hard upon another, whereof there were thirty three. And there stood posts beneath by the walls round about the house, to bear them up: but in the wall of the house they were not fastened: The side chambers were the higher the wider, and had steps thorow them round about the house. Thus was it wider above, that from the lowest men might go to the highest and mid chambers. I saw also that the house was very high round about. The foundation of the side chambers was a meterod (that is six cubits) broad. The thickness of the side wall without, contained five cubits, and so did the outwall, of the chambers in the house. Between the chambers, was the wideness of twenty cubits round about the house. The chamber doors stood over against the outwall, the one door was toward the north, the other toward the South: and the thickness of the outwall was five cubits round about.
Now the building that was separated toward the west, was seventy cubits wide: the wall of the building was five cubits thick round about, and the length four score cubits and ten. So he measured the house which was an hundredth cubits long, and the separated building with the wall were an hundredth cubits long also. The wideness before the house and of it that was separated toward the East, was an hundredth cubits. And he measured the length of the building before and behind with the chambers upon both the sides: and it contained an hundredth cubits. The innermer temple, the porch of the fore court, the side posts, these three had side windows, and pillars round about over against the posts, from the ground up to the windows: The windows themselves were silled over with boards: and thus was it above the door, unto the inmost house, and without also: Yea the whole wall on every side both within and without was silled over with great boards. There were Cherubins and date trees made also, so that one date tree stood ever betwixt two Cherubins: One Cherub had two faces, the face of a man looking aside toward the date tree, and a lions face on the other side. Thus was it made round about in all the house; Yea the Cherubins and date trees were made from the ground up above the door, and so stood they also upon the wall of the temple. The byposts of the temple were four squared, and the fashion of the Sanctuary was even as it appeared unto me afore in the vision. The table was of wood, three cubits high and two cubits long: his corners, the length and the walls were of wood. And he said unto me: This is the table, that shall stond before the LORD. The temple and the holiest of all had either of them two doors and every door had two little wickettes which were folden in one upon another, on every side two. And upon the doors of the temple there were made Cherubins and date trees, like as upon the walls: and a great thick balke of wood was before on the outside of the porch. Upon both the sides of the walls of the porch there were made deep windows and date trees, having beams and balkes, like as the house had.


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Praise the Everlasting Lord for His Faithful Word.