Ezekiel chapter 47

After this he brought me again before the door of the house: and behold, there gushed out waters from under the posts of the house eastward (for the house stood toward the east) that ran down upon the right side of the house, which lieth to the altar southward. Then carried he me out to the north door, and brought me forth there round about by the utmost door that turneth east ward. Behold, there came forth the water upon the right side. Now when the man that had the meterod in his hand went unto the east door, he measured a thousand cubits, and then he brought me thorow the water, even to the ankles: so he measured yet a thousand, and brought me thorow the water again unto the knees: yet measured he a thousand, and brought me thorow the waters unto the loins. After this he measured a thousand again, then was it such a river, that I might not wade thorow it: The water was so deep, that it was needful to have swimmed, for it might not be waded over. And he said unto me: hast thou seen this, O thou son of man? And with that, he brought me to the river bank again. Now when I came there, there stood many trees upon either side of the river bank. Then said he unto me: This water that floweth out toward the East, and runneth down into the plain field, cometh into the sea: and from the sea it runneth out, and maketh the waters whole. Yea all that live and move, where unto this river cometh, shall recover. And where this water cometh, there shall be much fish; For all that cometh to this water, shall be lusty and whole. By this river shall the fishers stond from Engadi unto En Eglaim, and there spread out their nets: for there shall be great heaps of fish, like as in the main sea. As for his clay and pits, they shall not be whole, for why, it shall be occupied for salt. By this river upon both the sides of the shore, there shall grow all manner of fruitful trees, whose leaves shall not fall off, neither shall their fruit perish: but ever be ripe at their months, for their water runneth out of the Sanctuary. His fruit is good to eat, and his leaf profitable for medicine.
Thus sayeth the Lord GOD: Let this be the border, wherein ye shall divide the land unto the twelve tribes of Israel, with the line. Part it indifferently unto one as unto another: of the which land I swore unto your fathers, that it should fall to your inheritance. This is the border of the land upon the north side, from the main sea, as men go to Zadada: namely Hemath, Berotha, Sabarim: from the borders of Damascus and Hemath unto Hazar Tichon, and that lieth upon the coasts of Haueran. Thus the borders from the sea forth, shall be Hazar Euan, the border of Damascus the North, and the borders of Hemath. That is the north part. The east side shall ye measure from Haueran and Damascus, from Gilead and the land of Israel by Iordan and so forth, from the sea coast, that lieth eastward. And this is the East part. The south side is, from Thamar forth to the waters of strife unto Cades, the river, to the main sea: and that is the south part. The west part: namely the great sea from the borders thereof, till a man come unto Hemath: this is the west part. This land shall ye part among you, according to the tribes of Israel, and divide it to be an heritage for you, and for the strangers that dwell among you, and begotten children. For ye shall take them among the children of Israel, like as though they were of your own household and country, and they shall have heritage with you among the children of Israel. Look in what tribe the stranger dwelleth, in the same tribe shall ye give him his heritage, sayeth the Lord GOD.


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Praise the Everlasting Lord for His Faithful Word.