Job chapter 13

Lo, all this have I seen with mine eye, heard with mine ear, and understand it. Look what ye know, that same do I know also, neither am I inferior unto you. Nevertheless I am purposed to talk with the almighty, and my desire is to commune with God. As for you, ye are workmasters of lies, and unprofitable Physicians altogether. Would God ye kept your tongue, that ye might be taken for wise men. Therefore hear my words, and ponder the sentence of my lips. Will ye make an answer for God with lies, and maintain him with deceit? Will ye accept the person of God, and entreat for him? Shall that help you, when he calleth you to reckoning. Think ye to beguile him, as a man is beguiled? He shall punish you, and reprove you, if ye do secretly accept any person. Shall he not make you afraid, when he sheweth himself? Shall not his terrible face fall upon you? your remembrance shall be like unto the dust, and your pride shall be turned to clay.
Hold your tongues now, and let me speak, for there is something come into my mind. Wherefore do I bear my flesh in my teeth, and my soul in my hands? Lo, there is neither comfort nor hope for me, if he will slay me. But if I shew and reprove mine own ways in his sight, he is even the same that maketh me whole: And why? There may no hypocrite come before him. Hear my words, and ponder my sayings with your ears. Behold, now have I prepared my judgement, and know that I shall be found righteous. What is he that will go to law with me? For if I hold my tongue, I shall die. Nevertheless grant me two things, and then will I not hide my self from thee. Withdraw thine hand from me, and let not the fearful dread of thee make me afraid. And then send for me to the law, that, I may answer for myself: or else, let me speak, and give thou the answer.
How great are my misdeeds and sins? Let me know my transgressions and offenses. Wherefore hidest thou thy face, and holdest me for thine enemy? Wilt thou be so cruel and extreme unto a flying leaf, and follow upon dry stubble? That thou layest so sharply to my charge, and will utterly undo me, for the sins of my youth? Thou hast put my foot in the stocks: thou lookest narrowly unto all my paths, and markest the steps of my feet: where as I (notwithstanding) must consume like as a foul carrion, and as a cloth that is moth eaten.


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Praise the Everlasting Lord for His Faithful Word.