Job chapter 37

At this, my heart is astonied, and moved out of his place. Hear then the sound of his voice, and the noise that goeth out of his mouth. He governeth everything under the heaven, and his light reacheth unto the end of the world. A roaring voice followeth him: for his glorious majesty giveth such a thunder clap, that (though a man hear it) yet may he not perceive it afterward. It giveth an horrible sound, when God sendeth out his voice: great things doth he, which we can not comprehend.
When he commandeth the snow, it falleth upon the earth: As soon as he giveth the rain a charge, immediately the showers have their strength, and fall down. He sendeth fear upon every man, that they might know their own works. The beasts creep into their dens, and take their rest. Out of the south cometh the tempest, and cold out of the north. At the breath of God, the frost cometh, and the waters are shed abroad. The clouds do their labour in getting moistness, the clouds pour down the rain. He distributeth also on every side, according as it pleaseth him to deal out his works, that they may do, whatsoever he commandeth them thorow the whole world: whether it be to punish any land, or to do good unto them, that seek him.
Hearken unto this, (O Iob) stond still, and consider the wonderous works of God. Art thou of counsel with God, when he doth these things? When he causeth the light to come forth of his clouds? Art thou of his counsel, when he spreadeth out the clouds? Hast thou the perfect knowledge of his wonders? and how thy clothes are warm, when the land is still thorow the South wind? Hast thou helped him to spread out the heaven, which is to look upon, as it were cast of clear metal? Teach us what we shall say unto him, for we are unmete because of darkness. Shall it be told him what I say? Should a man speak, or should he keep it back?
For every man seeth not the light, that he keepeth clear in the clouds, which he cleanseth when he maketh the wind to blow. Gold is brought out of the North, but the praise and honour of God's fear cometh from God himself. It is not we that can find out the almighty: for in power, equity, and righteousness, he is higher than can be expressed. Seeing then that every body feareth him, why should not all wise men also stond in fear of him.


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Praise the Everlasting Lord for His Faithful Word.