Job chapter 32

So these three men would strive no more with Iob, because he held himself a righteous man. But Eliu the son of Barachell the Bussite of the kindred of Ram, was very sore displeased at Iob, that he called him self just before God. And with Iob's three friends he was angry also, because they had found no reasonable answer to overcome him. Now tarried Eliu till they had ended their communication with Iob, for why? they were elder than he. So when Eliu the son of Barachell the Bussite saw, that these three men were not able to make Iob answer, he was miscontent:
so that he gave answer himself, and said: Considering, that I am young, and ye be men of age, I was afraid, and durst not shew forth my mind, for I thought thus within myself: It becometh old men to speak, and the aged to teach wisdom. Every man (no doubt) hath a mind, but it is the inspiration of the Almighty that giveth understanding. All men are not wise, neither doth every aged man understand the thing that is lawful. Therefore will I speak also (in so far as I may be heard) and will shew you mine opinion. For when I had waited till ye made an end of your talking, and heard your wisdom, what arguments you made in your communication: Yea when I had diligently pondered what ye said, I found not one of you that made any good argument against Iob, or that directly could make answer unto his words: Lest ye should praise yourselves, to have found out wisdom: because it is God that hath cast him out, and no man. Nevertheless, seeing he hath not spoken unto me, therefore will not I answer him as ye have done
(for they where so abashed that they could not make answer, nor speak one word) but in so much as ye will not speak, stonding still like domme men, and making no answer: I have a good hope for my part to shape him an answer, and to shew him my meaning. For I am full of words, and the spirit that is within me, compelleth me. Behold I am as the new wine, which hath no vent, and bursteth the new vessels in sunder. Therefore will I speak, that I may have vent: I will open my lips, and make answer. I will regard no manner of person, no man will I spare. For if I would go about to please men, I know not how soon my maker would take me away.


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Praise the Everlasting Lord for His Faithful Word.