Job chapter 19

Iob answered, and said: How long will ye vex my mind, and trouble me with words? Lo, ten times have ye reproved me: are ye not ashamed, for to laugh me to scorn? If I go wrong, I go wrong to myself. But if ye will enhance yourselves against me, and accuse me to be a wicked person because of the shame that is come upon me: know this then, that it is God, which hath handled me so violently, and hath compassed me about with his scourges. Behold, though I cry, yet violence is done unto me, I can not be heard: Though I complain, there is none to give sentence with me.
He hath hedged up my path, I can not get away, he hath set darkness in my gate. He hath spoiled me of mine honour, and taken the crown away from my head. He hath destroyed me on every side, and I am undone: My hope hath he taken away from me, as it were a tree plucked up by the root. His wrath is kindled against me, he taketh me, as though I were his enemy. His men of war came together, which made their way over me, and besieged my dwelling round about. He hath put my brethren far away from me, and such as were of mine acquaintance, are become strangers unto me. Mine own kinfolk have forsaken me, and my friends have put me out of remembrance. The servants and maids of mine own house take me for a stranger, and I am become as an aleaunt in their sight. When I call upon my servant, he giveth me no answer: no though I pray him with my mouth. Mine own wife may not abide my breath, I am faint to speak fair unto the children of mine own body. Yea the very desert fools despise me, and when I am gone from them, they speak evil upon me. All such as were my most familiars, abhor me: And they whom I loved best, are turned against me. My bone hangeth to my skin, and my flesh is away, only there is left me the skin about my teeth. Have pity upon me, have pity upon me (O ye my friends) for the hand of the Lorde hath touched me. Why do ye persecute me as God, and are not satisfied of my flesh?
O that my words were written, O that they were put in a book: would God they were graven with an iron pen in lead or in stone. For I am sure, that my redeemer liveth, and that I shall rise out of the earth in the latter day: that I shall be clothed again with this skin, and see God in my flesh. Yea I my self shall behold him, not with other but these same eyes. My reins are consumed within me, when ye say: Why do not we persecute him? We have found an occasion against him. But beware of the sword, for the sword will be avenged of wickedness, and be sure, that there is a judgement.


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Praise the Everlasting Lord for His Faithful Word.