Job chapter 39

Knowest thou the time when the wild goats bring forth their young among the stony rocks? Or layest thou wait when the hinds use to fawn? Reckonest thou the months after they engender, that thou knowest the time of their bearing? Or when they lie down when they cast their young ones, and when they are delivered of their travail and pain? How their young ones grow up and wax great thorow good feeding? who letteth the wild ass go free, or who lowseth the bonds of the mule? Unto whom I have given the wilderness to be their house, and the untilled land to be their dwelling place. That they may give no force for the multitude of people in the cities, neither regard the crying of the driver: but seek their pasture about the mountains and follow the green grass. Will the unicorn be so tame as to do the service, or to abide still by thy crib? Canst thou bind the yoke about him in thy furrows, to make him plow after thee in the valleys? Mayest thou trust him (because he is strong) or commit thy labour unto him? Mayest thou believe him, that he will bring home the corn, or to carry anything unto the barn?
The Ostrich (whose feathers are fairer than the wings of the sparrow hawk) when he hath laid his eggs upon the ground, he bredeth them in the dust, and forgetteth them: so that they might be trodden upon with feet, or broken with some wild beast. So hard is he to his young ones, as though they were not his, and laboureth in vain without any fear. And that because God hath taken wisdom from him, and hath not given him understanding. When his time is, he flyeth up on high, and careth neither for horse nor man.
Hast thou given the horse his strength? or learned him to bow down his neck with fear: that he letteth himself be driven forth like a grasshopper, where as the stout neighing that he maketh, is fearful? he breaketh the ground with the hoofs of his feet cheerfully in his strength, and runneth to meet the harness men. He layeth aside all fear, his stomach is not abated, neither starteth he a back for any sword. Though the quivers rattle upon him, though the spear and shield glister: yet rusheth he in fearlessly, and beateth upon the ground. He feareth not the noise of the trumpets, but as soon as he heareth the shawmes blow, tush (sayeth he) for he smelleth the battle afar off, the noise, the Captains and the shouting.
Cometh it thorow thy wisdom, that the Goshawk flyeth toward the South? Doth the Aegle mount up, and make his nest on high, at thy commandment? He abideth in the stony rocks, and upon the high tops of hard mountains, where no man can come. From thence may he behold his pray, and look far about with his eyes. His young ones are fed with blood, and where any dead body lieth, there is he immediately.


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Praise the Everlasting Lord for His Faithful Word.